It has never been more important to work with an experienced professional when seeking a mortgage loan. Loan approvals are increasingly complex, and the rules of the game are changing rapidly. So "why choose Jeffrey Laeng"?

Did you know?
Less than 2% of the mortgage lenders and brokers in the U.S. are CMPS® certified. By having a CMPS® professional in your area, you will have the opportunity of working with the "Best of the Best" among all the mortgage professionals in the country!

To be the BEST of the BEST at what you do, you must push and stretch yourself to do what others are unwilling to do. Jeffrey Laeng’s Mortgage Loan Origination expertise as a CMPS® has been validated repeatedly. 

Jeff and his team remain on the cutting edge of all the changes, and he is committed to making your mortgage experience as smooth as possible, additionally, here is what you will get from Jeff when you become his client: 

HONESTY & INTEGRITY: Jeff will always do his best to meet and exceed your expectations, uphold best practices within the lending Industry, and keep you completely informed throughout the process.

VALUE:  Jeff will work untiringly to provide you a combination of best lender, best loan type, best interest rate, best loan fees and market intelligence that will be competitive and in your best interest. You won't need to shop for price, because Jeff will do the shopping for you, as well as monitor the markets to advise you when the right moment to lock your loan rate will be.

FOLLOW-UP & FOLLOW THROUGH: During the process you will be involved every step of the way. Communications during the loan origination process is an area where Jeff has been validated repeatedly. After closing Jeff will continue to work with you as your needs and circumstances change.

One thing to remember:  You want to work closely with Jeff and the various people who assist him throughout the loan process, rest assured the relationship with his team will be very pleasant. Jeff’s sole purpose is to help you get the right loan, at the right price and on time. PLEASE: If you don't understand something, ASK — no matter how simple the question might seem — and not just one question, but many. 

Jeff Laeng
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