The real estate bust appears to have done little to alter Americans' confidence in the investment value of homeownership. A robust 81% of adults said buying a home is the best long-term investment a person can make, according to a recent national survey by the Pew Research Center in Washington.

Homeownership offers many benefits, some that will enhance your quality of life, and some that create wealth-building toward a positive long-term financial outlook.  

Pride of ownership is a driving force behind the decision to purchase a home for many individuals and families. For most, the purchase is not used solely as an investment vehicle, but as a place to raise a family, grow old, and enjoy the feeling America’s early settlers were quick to embrace – the joy of owning the place you call home. 

The feeling of home ownership is difficult to quantify or measure in a graph, so often it is overlooked when discussions of the value of home ownership arise. A great deal of research from government entities, academia and nonprofit groups extols the societal benefits of owning a home: more stable communities, greater academic achievement, higher property values, and lower crime rates, to name a few.

Today’s volatile mortgage marketplace creates the combination of constant competitive movement, fluctuating threats, and yes, lucrative opportunities. Jeff Laeng understands the behind-the-scenes model of success in acquiring the right loan tailored to your specific situation. Jeff strategically navigates the fluid twists and turns of the loan process anticipating and responding within limited windows of opportunity to available loan programs, rates and defined lender benefits to his borrowers. Join the 700 plus homeowners who, in the past few years, have closed escrow thanks to the efforts of Jeff and his staff.

Jeff Laeng's Mission: “To capture value and sustained competitive advantage for all of my clients who want control of emerging and shifting forces in the complex and redeveloping Mortgage Loan industry.”

Jeff Laeng’s Vision:   “To apply my strengths to unconditionally satisfying my customers’ needs, creating a customer for life relationship through legendary service and total client satisfaction that is rewarded by earned referrals.”  

Jeff Laeng
​Jeffrey Laeng, wife Cindy and son Connor have owned their home in Oregon for well over 15 years and enjoy a very active lifestyle within their community.
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