Three Reasons Why Choosing Me, Jeffrey Laeng, as your Loan Officer Will Be the Single Best Decision You’ll Make.

First: I want you to be absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of attention, information; tools and one-on-one mentoring that represents my arsenal of counter-to-expectation Loan Officer Services. 

Second:  Whether you live in Oregon or California, I will do everything in my power and within reason to structure your Mortgage Loan for your new home purchase or refinance to your maximum satisfaction and in your best interest.

Third: I want you to be so impressed with my real-world, hands-on results-oriented and flawless execution of your Mortgage Loan that you'll go out and tell everyone you know who may benefit from my guidance to engage me as their Loan Officer.  

Let’s Talk: If you have any questions that you'd like to ask me personally or to set an appointment for an initial loan origination meeting, please feel free to call me. If I'm not in, simply leave me a detailed message and I will call you back as soon as possible.

Jeffrey Laeng
Avenue Mortgage, Inc. – District Manager
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
Cell: 503-949-6302
Fax: 503-623-9144
NMLS # 273136
OR # ML-3404
CA DRE# 01505561

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