Jeff Laeng knows that buying your first home is one of the most exciting events of one’s lifetime. The investment is one of the largest financial endeavors most people undertake, and with that much stress and anxiety can occur during the process of identifying the home and acquiring it through mortgage financing.

Contrary to the popular misconception that getting approved for a home loan is simply a matter of credit scores and a few documents, today it is often more like entering a gladiator’s arena.

Jeff is a battle-tested Loan Officer warrior who has honed his skills on the front lines. Getting your loan approved means mastery of volumes of information as well as talented technical skills at bringing together appraisals, title searches, insurance and loan programs, and all of the many, many processing and support people involved at every level.

It can take years to learn the ins-and-outs of the mortgage lending business and how to get the best deals for borrowers. No book knowledge accurately prepares a mortgage broker for what it takes to get loans closed in today’s regulatory environment.

The truth is that getting your loan packaged, submitted to the best lender and then approved is often about who your mortgage broker knows. It can take a while to build these relationships, but once they have been in the business for a several years they can get head underwriters on the phone and V.P.s who can override potentially frivolous underwriting conditions to get your loan request expedited.

What really makes the difference between Jeff Laeng as a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist CMPS® and the rest is that he is motivated and willing to go to battle for you. Being “Best of the Best” Jeff won’t lie down and accept a denial and he won’t accept delays from your appraiser, Title Company or insurance agent. He will fight to get you the best loan possible and ensure your closing happens on time. You want the “Seal Team 6” of mortgage brokers on your side.

Jeff Laeng believes you deserve his 100% customer service assurance throughout your entire loan transaction. Being your “trusted advisor” creates an obligation on his part to live up to his self-imposed philosophy:

Legendary Service builds fortunes in repeat customers.
Poor service will drive my customers to my competitors.
Jeff Laeng
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