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Jeff Laeng is amazing! A friend of mine recommended him to me months ago as someone trustworthy and who treats clients with respect. As a single female homebuyer, it was important for me to work with people who would help educate me to make informed decisions without pushing me or ignoring my concerns. Jeff was everything and so much more! We first had an introductory call almost five months before I ended up starting my house search. Jeff didn’t pressure me to commit to any timeline I wasn’t comfortable with, just let me know he’d be around when I was ready. As soon as I started looking in a more intentional way, I knew I was going to contact Jeff because of how great our first call was. Jeff helped me understand every step and financial decision. He made time for me during wild last-minute offer decisions and negotiations and was honest with me about what made sense based on the boundaries I had set. He never pushed me to go further than I was comfortable, even when the numbers said I could. I recommend any first-time homebuyer or any single woman to work with Jeff Laeng. He was respectful, honest, educational, and communicative, and it felt like talking to a trustworthy family member. I’m so grateful I was able to work with him!

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